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You can make money and have a positive impact on the world...It’s that simple.

Elisa Turner is the founder of BRIIQ Solutions. She has dedicated the past 18 years of her career to leading organizations through the challenges of becoming sustainable purpose based organizations by demonstrating the connection between purpose, people, the planet and profit.

Her work experience spans: for-profit small, medium and Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, start-ups and government organizations.

Prior to her focus on sustainable business models, Elisa spent 10 years working globally in the C- Suite of some of the world's most recognized consumer brands.

Elisa has been recognized as thought leader on sustainable business, understanding the roles of traditional business, not for-profit and government are evolving and to survive and thrive for the future they must partner on common goals and collaborate to support each other, community and the environment.


Elisa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Selected “As A TOP 100 Leader” by the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Listed as 1 of 5 global "Cool Vendors" in Sustainable Solutions - Gartner's “Cool Vendors List” that each year identifies the top 5 innovative companies, that will shape business strategies in the future

  • Invited by Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General to participate in the United Nations Global Compact Business Leader’s Summit on Sustainable Business Solutions in 2013 & 2014


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