What we do

Our passion is working with small and medium sized organizations – they are the backbone of our economy and communities and usually where change happens – yet they often have limited resources and access to world class advisors to help them realize and scale their vision. 

As impact entrepreneurs ourselves, we measure our success by the impact our work with clients has on social and environmental issues and balance that with financial returns. Because of this, we are able to offer our services to organizations that would not usually have access to them.

Our expertise runs the gamut from research and strategy through execution and evaluation all through the lens of social and environmental impacts and their relationship to financial performance. In this context, we act as researchers, strategists, tacticians, financial analysts, influencers, and much more.

What excites and engages us most is our ability to help organizations develop and realize a purposeful, strategic and integrated approach to scalable social and environmental impacts that drive their business, and ultimately profits everyone. 

How we do IT

Our framework is a systems based proven process that stands on the shoulders of 18 years of experience, knowledge and data – it has been recognized as a global leading business solution and is continuously being improved upon. 


Serving as a roadmap the framework translates sustainability into quantifiable business terms and insights to inform strategy & operational decisions - using the same criteria as the investment community.

The BRIIQ Framework is a blueprint for helping organizations build and manage their social and environmental impacts and understand how these impact financial and brand performance - it identifies what is material, what matters and why.

It unfolds like this:

  1. Benchmarking Assessment 

  2. Identify Opportunities And Risk

  3. Analysis And Quantifiable Insights – Establish Priorities

  4. Build Strategy & Engagement Plan

  5. Establish Parameters

  6. Engagement

  7. Evaluation - Ongoing


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